Need Space / Where do I Begin


• You’re in an existing building paying rent and desire to have your own space.
• Or, you’re in your own building and are running out of space.

These are circumstances that any successful business will find themselves in at some point in time. Having a trustworthy partner to help walk you through the process of dealing with these circumstances will be key. You wouldn’t tighten a bolt with a hammer. Choosing the right partner is like choosing the right tool from the tool box. Choosing the wrong partner is like trying to tighten that bolt with the hammer (you may eventually get it tightened, but the process to completion will leave a messy trail). There is generally little to no progress, frustration mounts and you end up wishing you had utilized the correct tool. Your design-build partner is a tool for your success.

Can I actually do this?
If any of the above circumstances resonate with where you are at on your journey, then you are not alone. Recently, we had the honor of partnering with a client to design and build their new building. This client, operating a successful business never thought they could purchase property, design and build a new building for less than what they were paying someone else in monthly rent. Through utilizing a fully integrated design-build planning process, they were pleasantly surprised. Now they have a real estate asset that will appreciate over time and their own home for their growing business. While this may not always be the case as it relates to rent vs. build; if you choose the right partner you will end up with the right long-term solution.

Who can help me?
The above noted line of thinking is not uncommon as the construction market has unfortunately developed a reputation for owner’s being taken advantage of as well as for projects being overdesigned and unaffordable to build. Owners who have little knowledge or experience with design and construction, at no fault of their own, are left to rely on the “traditional norms” or the recommendation of someone they know, whether appropriate for their circumstance or not. This approach can often lead to complications during planning and construction. As they pursue having someone design their “dream” building they learn that there are four or five additional entities that they will need to bring together leaving them, the owner, to assume complete responsibility for the entire design and engineering team. If not a fully integrated team under one umbrella, the owner is left responsible for ensuring all parties are communicating and on the same page. Or, an owner invests a significant amount of money to develop their dream plans only to find out the project is not affordable bringing them back to square one, costing them crucial time and money. They are left with little ability to make changes without significant cost implications. This, also prior to your even finding a trustworthy builder who is relying on your guarantee as owner that all of the design and engineering is free from error.

So, where do I begin?
Find a fully integrated design-build team that will walk alongside you and help guide you through the entire process of planning, design and construction. They will develop a plan with you that will accommodate your present and growing needs including overall costs that are in-line with your budget. Make sure they listen and guide vs. hear and push. In the end, you will have a partner who truly has your best interests at heart and assumes complete responsibility for the design and construction of your project.

Choosing Where to Build

Location, location, location! It's the real estate agents' mantra. You've probably heard the phrase before. The saying is repeated three times for emphasis, and it is the number one rule in real estate, while also the most overlooked. The same can be said for new construction.

To get the most out of your building investment, where you build is often as important as how you build. When selecting the site for your building, it’s wise to have a list of criteria for considering an ideal site. In PBS’ Planning Guide, we walk you through that process in a section called: “Review Your Company’s Building Needs”. It continues with “Choosing the Right Location”. In this article, we will walk you through 5 areas to consider when choosing a building site.


Access to Transportation and Shipping

How far are you from the nearest airport, railroad or major highway? If your business is primarily involved in the transportation of goods, these points will make a difference in your future productivity. You may also want to consider the degree of difficulty your team will face in commuting to your new location.

Range of Local Employment Resources

If the nature of your business is such that you must frequently re-staff or hire seasonal support, you’ll need to take a careful look at the labor pool available in your new location.

Determine Utility Infrastructure, Building Codes and Zoning Requirements

Each city, county and state has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to overseeing the business sector. Some could save your organization money and/or time, while others may present a potential headache for you. Plan on doing a thorough investigation of these areas before you commit to any property. PBS, by having experience in knowing the right questions to ask can help you through this.

Determine Parking Requirements

When planning the position of the building on your site, consider allowable access from the nearest street or highway, as well as allocation of parking space. If your property is on an irregular plot, try incorporating parking and storage on the irregular side if it is consistent with the topography of your site or on the low point of your property. This will allow for proper drainage and free up the high ground for building construction.

Determine the Load-Bearing Capacity of the Soil

You will need to arrange for sub-soil investigation by a professional testing laboratory to see if it will accommodate your building plans. In addition, it is critical to determine the past history of the site and to determine if significant top soil or fill issues are present that will need to be removed. PBS can help you with this.

To learn the other areas of consideration when choosing a building site as well as questions to ask when planning for a new facility, please request our FREE Planning Guide. PBS is experienced in the planning, design and construction of many different types of facilities including a portfolio of successful commercial, industrial, church and municipal projects. If you have any questions please contact our design-build team at 855.672.4010 or click here. We look forward to serving you.

The Advantages of Pre-Engineered Steel Building Construction

The old adage, “Time is money” is especially true when it comes to new construction. One way to be sure that you’re saving time and money when building that new commercial, church, municipal or industrial facility is to choose a pre-engineered steel building system.

When planning, designing with as much efficiency as possible is critical to the overall value of your building. One way to accomplish this is with a pre-engineered steel building, whereby we are able to create clear, open spans in your structure including expansion capabilities off all walls as well as incorporating multiple building heights and roof lines specific to your use. These features benefit you, the owner, by providing the most cost-effective and efficient building system for your use. The advantages of this method result in economy and flexibility.

One of the great benefits of a pre-engineered steel building system is customization. We offer custom designs that are tailored to your operational needs. Whether you need an inviting storefront for your commercial business, an expansion of your church facility or a state-of-the-art refrigerated warehouse, a steel building can be modified to accommodate your needs. The applied finishes are long-lasting and weather resistant. PBS is experienced in all types of construction as there will be specific systems appropriate for individual needs. Our team will be able to advise you regarding the various factors that will influence the appropriate building system for you and your business based on use and specific engineering requirements as a result of your location.

As the supplier and erector of your steel building system, PBS will guide you through each stage of the planning, design and construction process as your single source of responsibility and contact in order to help you successfully complete your building project on time and within budget. To take advantage of our FREE Planning Guide click here or for more information contact our team at 855.672.4010. Plan for the future. Start today!

Our Planning, Design & Construction Process



Professional Building Services (PBS) specializes in the design-build construction delivery method. By effectively utilizing this team build approach with our clients, PBS designs and builds many different types of efficient and cost effective facilities. This includes commercial, industrial, church and municipal projects. From design planning through completed construction, we honestly deliver what we promise. We achieve this through our seamless and proven 5 step design and construction delivery process.



Initial vision casting and planning with you and/or your leadership team as it relates to your needs for renovation, expansion or new construction.


Pre–Construction planning including master planning and a detailed preliminary design development package which consists of a site plan, floor plan layout(s), elevation(s) and 3–D rendered images. Once this design development package has been approved a comprehensive accounting of all costs will be prepared in the form of a turnkey and single source of responsibility design/build guaranteed maximum price (GMP) agreement.


Careful in-house coordination of all architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering as well as civil engineering construction documents. During this step of our process, the work will include coordination and planning with the appropriate local, county and state authorities in preparation for and procurement of all the required project permits for construction approval.


Professional project management and oversight of all on-site personnel including the coordination of all construction related documentation and activities for the safe and efficient progression of your construction project.


Thorough review of final construction details to ensure all requirements have been met and our owner has a clear and concise understanding of the projects components and approval of their new facility prior to occupying their building.

Our desire is to help guide you through this process in a seamless and transparent manner. We’re here to help. For more information, please contact our team at 855.672.4010 or click here. Plan for the future. Start today. We look forward to working together!

How Renovation Can Lead to Team Productivity

At Professional Building Services (PBS), we’ve successfully designed and executed many commercial renovations over the years. We’ve experienced firsthand the positive change a renovation can have on the overall mood and functionality of a space.

When was the last time you invested in the look and feel of your workspace? Has it become outdated or does it feel uninspired? Maybe you’ve considered renovating but you’re not sure if your return on investment will be worthwhile. As a business owner, your workplace is the visual representation of your company and should be inviting to everyone who steps inside. This includes both your team and customers of the business. By periodically renovating your space, you’re investing in the long-term growth of your business and your team.

A Happy Team is a More Productive Team

There are many benefits to having a happy team. Arguably, one of the biggest benefits is higher productivity. Harvard Business Review calls this the “Happiness Dividend”. Their research found that having happy employees raises sales by an average of 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%. Those are dramatic results! Although strong leadership, internal programs and benefits all contribute to these numbers, having an inviting and functional space where your team feels energized, motivated and at peace is equally important.

How to Improve Your Commercial Space

At PBS, we have been blessed with many great partnerships over the years on projects ranging from commercial and industrial facilities, to churches, to dental/medical practices and recreational facilities. Project success begins in the early planning and development stage. From the beginning, we listen to our customer’s desires and develop a plan that will ultimately streamline the renovation process while carefully navigating the logistics of an often occupied environment.

There are many different ways you can improve the productivity and functionality of your space. Below are a few examples.

  • Add conference rooms and other group work areas
  • Add a “brain break” room with activities that increase blood flow and spark creativity
  • Create an open floor plan by eliminating walls that create unnecessary barriers
  • Install additional windows for added sunlight
  • Invest in updated furniture, fixtures and fresh paint

There are many factors that go into renovating a successful commercial space. A few updates, big or small, can make a huge difference. For more information, please contact our team at 855.672.4010 or click here. We look forward to discussing how we may serve you.