February 2017


Sometimes in life, we experience certain circumstances, events or an all-out journey that take us beyond our minds definition of ordinary or happenchance and into the realm of extraordinary; or, perhaps for those who are Christ-followers there is no other explanation than, the Sovereign Hand of God. Southfield Church is such an example of this Extraordinary Journey. With humble, patient and faithful leaders they have been able to weather the “trials and tribulations” that often come our way in life and ministry as they have journeyed and navigated to this new destination they now call home. After being in their new home for just a few years they have been blessed by what they would refer to as non-other than the Hand of God wrapped around their ministry. Growth has not been an ambitious or singular pursuit, but an encountered result of their faithful stewardship. After a number of years in a temporary facility following the sale of an original campus location and many ups and downs, they were able to design and build a beautiful new multi-purpose ministry facility. Planning the design and construction under one umbrella allowed them to be good stewards in how they approached their vision. As a result of this faithful stewardship the Lord has blessed them with the ability to expand after just a few short years. In lieu of doing everything they would have desired out of the proverbial gate, they planned efficiently and effectively in order to not put themselves under the column affecting many