April 2017

[An excerpt from the book, Faith Building]  How do we begin the Church Building Process? Countless groups have met for hours, days, weeks and months to discuss this question. A very small percentage of churches build, add on or repurpose their facilities more than once or twice in a generation. Generally pastors and church leaders seek out people within their church family to begin a planning or building team. In most cases they also seek outside advice to assist in the important planning and feasibility phase. Involving a design/build firm at this important stage early in the process can pay financial and space utilization dividends for years to come. Trust and an open relationship are key at this point in the process. Developing a trust relationship with a design/build firm is much like allowing a Dad to catch his trusting toddler when the toddler jumps off a table into Dad’s arms. The church has to allow and entrust the professionals to do what they do best. However that is not to say that the church just blindly allows the design/builder free reign, but it is to say that, working in partnership together, the Church trusts the expertise and experience of a good design/build team. Trust That Leads to The Wedding This trust is much like a marriage for a significant period of time. The courtship occurs during the time where the design/build team asks questions and learns of the church’s dreams and aspirations.The engagement occurs when the church has contracted with the design/builder to develop planning schemes