June 2017

You’re probably thinking, what? Well, these are two words derived from two different phrases meaning essentially the same thing: “Glove Fit”, “Right Seat on the Bus”. Whether you are planning to design and build a new commercial, industrial, church or municipal facility these are critical phrases when it comes to hiring the right team. They fit with your vision of accomplishing this building goal as well as are the right team player for your business, the proverbial bus. It has unfortunately become commonplace to hear of leadership across the board in all industries reflect on the realization they hired the “wrong fit” and in hindsight for the wrong reasons. Remember the phrase, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. As you consider this common realization, review the following comments made by individuals in response to their selection process. This comes with sincere reflection on each real life comment. In this context the decision maker will be referred to as the “buyer”: 1. “We are looking for someone who we feel comfortable with, can trust and will provide a fair price.” A. If this is truly the case, why does leadership often insist on bringing in 3 “qualified” firms? Taking this approach says that we are comfortable with 3 firms, trust all 3 firms, but really want the lowest price even though we state, “it is not all about price”. This becomes the buyer’s measurable on differentiating between firms. What then is left if you feel they are qualified and know that you can trust their quality