August 2017


Starting with the right decisions means ending with the best results If you want a satisfactory outcome to your building project, you will need to make the right decisions. The following reveals the first of five very important steps to your project’s success. Getting Started Before a blueprint is ever conceived, you must have a plan of action. There are a number of important decisions you must make, as well as several crucial details that need attention. The following will take you through the planning process and keynote the important questions or issues you will need to address at each stage. There is also a checklist (the checklist is only available in the full version) which will help you keep track of the numerous details that are involved in the process. PBS Companies, nearing 30 years of service, has the experience and expertise to help you through this exciting, yet sometimes overwhelming process. Our desire is to help guide you through this process to keep planning more streamlined. Step 1: Review Your Company’s Building Needs You and your team will be living with the building decisions you ultimately make. It is imperative to thoroughly investigate what you need to do to make your new building work well for everyone. If it’s not possible to talk with everyone in your company, then at least select key people in each department and ask for their opinions. Find out what works well in their present environment, in addition to what your employees believe is lacking. Try not to limit these discussions