November 2017


If you want a successful outcome to your building project, you will need to choose the right Design/Build partner. The process of searching for, deciding upon, and hiring a design and construction firm can be a large undertaking. Who you choose is critical to your building success. Below are 3 factors you should consider when hiring a design and construction firm. Experience of the Firm in Your Industry Sector When choosing your Design/Build partner, you want to be aware of the following points: - Experience with similar projects - Ability to handle the complete job - A professional reputation – Ask how communications were during the project. Before making your selection, be sure to visit some of the projects completed by the firm. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and check references. The success of your project will depend largely on the person or company you choose to design and build it. There are many firms who can build nice buildings. This does not mean the journey to get there did not include pain. Investigate the process and not just the visual of the finished product. Consider both explanations from owner and builder to draw any conclusions. Ability to Streamline Work of Components Because design and construction are single source responsibilities, timelines can be significantly reduced. Design/Build is ideal for the application of “Fast Track” construction techniques. With Design/Build, material procurement and construction work can begin as the construction drawings are being finalized. The resulting time savings translates into lower costs and earlier utilization of the completed facility,