July 2018

Suncrest Christian Church out of St. John, Indiana approached PBS to renovate and add on to their existing lobby area and worship center. The addition would span over 5,500 square feet while the renovation would cover over 12,000 square feet. The unique challenge of this project was that the facility had to be fully functional every Thursday night and Sunday morning for worship gatherings throughout the duration of the construction. Fortunately for both parties, PBS has been blessed to help many churches and businesses manage similar logistical challenges over the years. As is typical to most all of our projects, their success is often determined in the planning stages. A detailed plan must be put in place to ensure construction work can carry on with minimal interference to regular operations. Logistical planning was essential for this project. Whether providing temporary access points, transitional areas for gathering or temporary staging following the complete demolition and rebuild of the main worship area platform; safety and efficiency were always key priorities. Maintaining close communication with staff and the entire construction team through multiple channels of communication are critical to ensuring all remain on the same page. While it is generally never easy and takes patience by all involved (including the congregation), there are always solutions to achieve the plan. As mentioned, during the construction phase consistent communication with those we have partnered with is vital to the success of your project. Chris Correlli, Worship Arts Pastor describes his experience: “Throughout the week and even sometimes on