October 2018


As you begin to dream about the future of your ministry, it is imperative that the leadership has unity in the type of ministry or outreach it desires to be before you can accurately plan for your facility.  Once unity is established you can then begin to clearly plan what type of building, renovation or expansion will be best.  As planning begins, our approach is to guide the leadership through an informational discovery process, first by listening and then asking clarifying questions which helps to establish a framework for a more seamless process. Generally speaking, a building team is formed to represent the ideas and vision of the greater whole of the ministry.  Your church builder is then empowered to act as your quarterback for the development of an appropriate plan to carry out your vision.  Needs and wants will be filtered for priority consistent with budget.  As your project begins to take shape, form will meet function leading to a design that meets your needs, is within budget, and allows for long term growth. The specific role of the design-builder brought in by the ministry is to provide guidance.  It is imperative that you empower your church builder to provide the input and guidance you have sought relating to the appropriate steps to bring your project to fruition.  Be open about an established and attainable budget range which will save considerable time and lead to more accurate planning for your benefit.  For some reason ministries often choose to reserve an accurate