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Need Space / Where do I Begin


• You’re in an existing building paying rent and desire to have your own space.
• Or, you’re in your own building and are running out of space.

These are circumstances that any successful business will find themselves in at some point in time. Having a trustworthy partner to help walk you through the process of dealing with these circumstances will be key. You wouldn’t tighten a bolt with a hammer. Choosing the right partner is like choosing the right tool from the tool box. Choosing the wrong partner is like trying to tighten that bolt with the hammer (you may eventually get it tightened, but the process to completion will leave a messy trail). There is generally little to no progress, frustration mounts and you end up wishing you had utilized the correct tool. Your design-build partner is a tool for your success.

Can I actually do this?
If any of the above circumstances resonate with where you are at on your journey, then you are not alone. Recently, we had the honor of partnering with a client to design and build their new building. This client, operating a successful business never thought they could purchase property, design and build a new building for less than what they were paying someone else in monthly rent. Through utilizing a fully integrated design-build planning process, they were pleasantly surprised. Now they have a real estate asset that will appreciate over time and their own home for their growing business. While this may not always be the case as it relates to rent vs. build; if you choose the right partner you will end up with the right long-term solution.

Who can help me?
The above noted line of thinking is not uncommon as the construction market has unfortunately developed a reputation for owner’s being taken advantage of as well as for projects being overdesigned and unaffordable to build. Owners who have little knowledge or experience with design and construction, at no fault of their own, are left to rely on the “traditional norms” or the recommendation of someone they know, whether appropriate for their circumstance or not. This approach can often lead to complications during planning and construction. As they pursue having someone design their “dream” building they learn that there are four or five additional entities that they will need to bring together leaving them, the owner, to assume complete responsibility for the entire design and engineering team. If not a fully integrated team under one umbrella, the owner is left responsible for ensuring all parties are communicating and on the same page. Or, an owner invests a significant amount of money to develop their dream plans only to find out the project is not affordable bringing them back to square one, costing them crucial time and money. They are left with little ability to make changes without significant cost implications. This, also prior to your even finding a trustworthy builder who is relying on your guarantee as owner that all of the design and engineering is free from error.

So, where do I begin?
Find a fully integrated design-build team that will walk alongside you and help guide you through the entire process of planning, design and construction. They will develop a plan with you that will accommodate your present and growing needs including overall costs that are in-line with your budget. Make sure they listen and guide vs. hear and push. In the end, you will have a partner who truly has your best interests at heart and assumes complete responsibility for the design and construction of your project.