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The Clear Path to a Successful Building Project

As you begin to plan for your new building or expansion, it is important that you form an understanding of what you want to accomplish through the construction. As planning begins, we help guide you by listening and asking questions which will help to establish a framework for our planning, design and construction process.

Generally speaking, an owner or perhaps a few key leaders will be the ones making the decision on the direction of this new facility or expansion. Your design-build partner then serves in essence as your quarterback for the development of a plan that will accomplish your intended objective in building. Needs and wants will be filtered for priority consistent with your budget. As your project begins to take shape, form will meet function leading to a design that meets your needs and is within budget.

The specific role of your design-builder is to provide guidance. It is imperative that you empower your design-build partner to provide the input and guidance you have sought relating to the appropriate steps to bring your project to fruition. Be open about an established and attainable budget range which will save considerable time and lead to more accurate planning for your benefit. For some reason owners will occasionally choose to withhold an answer to the question of budget for fear of your design-build partner seeking to maximize your budget. If this fear is present, you have the wrong partner. Allowing your trusted professionals to be equipped with as much information about your business as possible will allow them to guide you through the process. 

Empower your trusted design-build partner to take the reins for you allowing your time to be focused on growing your business….keeping the main thing, the main thing.

In short, a successful building project will be the result of open and transparent communication among all involved. Once again, it is imperative that you meet and speak openly with your design-builder. Trust them…Rely on them…..If you don’t, do not hire them. On most occasions you are entering into a partnership that will mature over quite a few months, and occasionally years. Our desire is to help guide you through the planning, design and construction process in a seamless and transparent manner. We’re here to help you. Before you begin planning please give us a call.

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