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Planning for a Successful Renovation

Partnering with Christian Church of Clarendon Hills through the design and construction of their newly expanded student and multi-purpose ministry space was an honor for PBS. Christian Church of Clarendon Hills (CCCH) approached PBS as they were making plans to accommodate their continued growth. This was the second project that we partnered with them on.

One of the challenges the ministry was faced with was having to manage the cost of this project carefully because of their desire to accomplish it without debt service. J.K. Stevens, Executive Minister of CCCH explains, “This meant taking the initially desired plan and value engineering the design to focus on the most important parts of the needed space. PBS helped us accomplish that goal, getting their own trade leaders involved so that we knew real costs and not just rough estimates of what our costs may be.”

Any time you embark on an expansion that involves occupied space there are going to be inherent logistical challenges. Careful planning and close communication are generally the key elements necessary to successfully navigate your way through and around these obstacles.

“We’re so grateful that PBS was our partner through this process. The entire team was a joy to work with. Their on-site management team kept us appraised at every step and when things needed to be resolved we worked together to get them done,” adds Stevens.

Our desire is to help guide you through this process in a seamless and transparent manner. We’re here to help. Before you make any plans, please give us a call. PBS Companies is experienced in the planning, design and construction of many different types of facilities including a portfolio of successful commercial, industrial, municipal, and church projects. For more information, please contact our team at 855.672.4010 or click here. We look forward to discussing how we may serve you.