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The Preferred Way to Build

We often use the term, “partner”, as a way of describing our relationships and with good reason. In our nearly 30 years of Design-Build experience, we have determined that the most successful projects are the ones that are established as a partnership from the beginning, built on trust and communication. With this, PBS approaches each project with a focus on developing authentic relationships in order to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We have been blessed with many great partnerships over the years on projects ranging from commercial and industrial facilities, to churches, to dental/medical boutiques and recreational facilities. Project success begins in the early planning and development stage. From the beginning, we listen to our customer’s desires and develop a plan that will ultimately streamline the design and construction process.

As a Design-Build firm, we work as a single-source, under one agreement, with one unified flow of communication and transparency from initial concept design through construction completion. Under this method, we are able to save you significant time and money all while building a level of trust and confidence together ensuring that your project will be completed on time and within budget. Because of its many benefits, Design-Build has become a preferred alternative to the antiquated Design/Bid/Build process.

Under the latter approach, planning, design, engineering, construction management and construction services are all handled by separate entities under separate contracts with you the owner assuming responsibility for all design and engineering services. Under this method, you are guaranteeing to those “bidding” that the plans are free from error. Contractors are then providing numbers specific to a design that they have had no involvement in the preparation of and more often than not, ones that you have not been able to establish any level of relationship with. Invariably, items are missed and assumptions are made often leading to submitted project costs that are inconsistent with one another. If a contractor is selected, often throughout the project there are unaccounted for extra costs because of the initial assumptions made in the design at which point the finger pointing of responsibility begins. Under the design/build approach, there is ONE single source of responsibility.

Our desire is to help guide you through this process in a seamless and transparent manner. We’re here to help. Before you make any plans, please give us a call. PBS Companies is experienced in the planning, design and construction of many different types of facilities including a portfolio of successful commercial, industrial, municipal and church projects. For more information, please contact our team at 855.672.4010 or click here. We look forward to hearing from you.